36 Oakland Ave.
Warwick, New York

The Dautaj at the Warwick Inn is named after the ownes, the Dautaj family who are of Albanian descent.  Alberto, the father and owner, emigrated to Italy where he began in the restaurant business.  Alberto obtained a degree in French Literature and also was a professional singer.  His love for the restaurant business caused him to switch professions.  From Italy Alberto moved his family to Quebec City, Canada, where Alberto became a sous chef of French and Italian cuisine.  In 1988 the Dautaj family moved again, this time to the United States where Alberto worked for several upscale restaurants in New York City.  Alberto and his wife Arta opened their first restaurant “Momento” in Teaneck, NJ in 1993.  Because of the great success of the original Momento, Alberto opened another “Momento” restaurant in West Milford in 1996.  In 1998 the Arta Café, a gourmet Pizza restaurant was opened by Alberto and Arta.  The Arta Restaurant was opened in Ringwood, NJ in 2002 and is run by co-owner Romeo Bega.  In April 2006 The Dautaj at the Warwick Inn was opened and is managed by co-owners Bekim Karacica and Agim Jashamica.  Alberto and Arta Dautaj have succeded  in fullfilling their American dream with successful busnisses and service to the community. The dream still goes on..........

Zana, Arta and Alberto

Zana and Labi